Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Review


The measures drone on 114 mm diagonally. The build quality is quite good and feels solid in the hand. The cover of the drone and sun propellers are high quality plastic.

Hubsan X4 comes with a 3.7V 380mAh Li-Po. It has about seven minutes of flight time, and it takes 30 minutes to load. This drone is also equipped with a digital camera built.

One of the great factors to this drone is the ability to make changes. Moreover, the value is excellent. For $ one hundred eighty obtain the Hubsan X4 H107D and transmitter.

The transmitter is higher quality and feels compact. It has a color LCD screen 4.Three inches. It has bats flying standard and the Mode button. It has also acquired a MicroSD card slot if you want to shoot videos.

Digital Camera


Frankly, the digital camera in the manned aircraft’s nothing special. It is a megapixel camera with a decision .Three of 640 x 480. The image on the LCD screen is 720 x 480. However, the video is recorded at 720 x 240 for an explanation. I have no idea why and the only solution is to make it larger later on a laptop decision. The distance live video is about one hundred meters, which is pretty good for such a camera digital.

The digital camera is ideal for FPV alive. For I would not, but for recording videos. It’s just not good enough for high-quality movies and if that’s what you might find, then this is not for you. You can see the high quality of the video image below.


Generate changes unmanned aircraft is for experienced users. For example, you may be able to add a better camera module, which could make the video better. The buzz is also something that you may have overlooked for a digital camera of the external action of the application.



Fly with what is most difficult to fly a larger drones similar to a DJI Phantom both. This is due to the fact that the H107D X4 Hubsan any GPS has to maintain the position in the air. This also shows that just do not pay attention to the drones when it comes to variety. Still, it has a fly residential function. That’s why we should not fly away from you.


H107D FPV Hubsan X4 is an excellent drone for newcomers to learn to fly FPV mode. It has many parts, and accident is no big deal. But that’s all it’s good for. If you want much more serious and high quality filming and then select a larger and much more effective drone.

Factors You Need to Know of Quadcopters

1423050912.Quadcopter-Helicopter-RC-Quad-CopterShortly after making an attempt all of the quite a few websites and all the outlets, you can in all probability, I am fairly sure I finally bought new Best Quadcopter model. But just earlier than you, have enjoyable with the very same strategy is clearly necessary that you fully perceive all the numerous commandments and prohibitions, that are linked to it. How this fashion you can have outside the zone of danger lot more enjoyable while staying safe either.

Normally, individuals make many mistakes in coping with this flight fashions that aren’t prepared until the harm of the final product and to manage the funding they’ve made in the same. A single report precisely where you possibly can overview a whole collection of dos and don’ts that help will not solely keep protected, but also help to have the benefit of its Quadcopter rc updated a much better approach.

Do you understand about your ammo – loosen almost each one, as we aren’t talking about the real ammunition on the remote control, support you possibly can discuss to deal with all its actions. The primary and one specifically of essentially an important steps you should bear in mind, with a purpose to keep your Quadcopter walkera is protected so it will probably precisely understand all the many buttons on your distant management.

Just earlier than programming to the start button, it is crucial that every one of you have got learn within the information from many instructions taken. Have a look at quite a lot of distinctive objects and options within the guide, as is the enjoyable will increase able to have with your quadopter.

One last simple test earlier than I started – in the event you observe in your each day life, you will notice that we humans all the time just a little too aware of what we do is that why you’ll be able to all the time attempt many times questions and devices, we can make good use in one of our solely enterprise. Now the identical situation together with your 3D Robotics IRIS+ Quadcopter┬ámust be examined beforehand if all buttons and screws help really helpful in a better enjoyment later. Nonetheless, be sure you examine your quadricopter simply earlier than letting them be fully free in heaven.

Stay calm if you find yourself in bother – Crash is among the most popular situations, you are nose to nose with if in case you’ve decided the time to discover new climax together with his Quadcopter Eflite, especially if you are a beginner. Really, there are ways you may be devastating circumstances not how many face a second, then it is vitally necessary to stay cool and calm. And as a substitute of investigating the accident with a broken heart region successfully, because the loss of one or two pieces would not assistance on other flights.

Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Overview


Pros: The Hubsan X4 cheap but fairly stable and robust provided is small dimension. The X4 does not embody a lot of bells and whistles, but what it offers is a quadricopter quality and transmitter, fun and easy to fly

Cons: out of capacity and power connector wiring stapled back on the device. When inserting or extermination of the battery, rubbed on wiring and can result in a loose connection. A change in / off would ever get as an alternative to the battery cables are disconnected. The USB charging port is very difficult to carry.

hubsan-x4-wireThe Hubsan X4, a micro enterprise Hubsan Quadcopter provided. The X4 comes in a bunch of different ways, such as a built-in with a camera. The model reviewed here is correcting the H107L (LED L). The Hubsan x4 H107L Quadcopter replaced the single model (H107). The H107L produces a number of changes:

When the LED lights for night flying, much as is the potential to inform which path shows the drone.
Axis blade short to help stabilize the flight

The X4 is my only Goto quadricopter flying and having fun with my Hubsan X4. You absolutely can not beat this little Quadcopter. It is difficult, easy to fly, nimble, and surprisingly safe is measured. More importantly, it’s just nice! I also use X4 to practice my flying characteristics due to the durability and the absence of additional stabilization universities.


Open the box, shows two main parts: The X4 Quadcopter next to the transmitter / controller. Although I knew that was a small Quadcopter X4, I used to be still clearly surprised when I took out of the box and held it in my hand. It’s smaller than your hand. Absolutely wonderful reality.
But do not let the small size fool you fly the X4 as big as a series of larger and more expensive fashion and is incredibly quiet.

I immediately hooked my Hubsan x4 h107c Quadcopter charger and read the manual, although the battery was charging. I have seen numerous photos and even the manual shows a picture and removed battery. The battery is a little hard to get in and out, and if you do it to remove, rub down to a single power cord.

For the first few weeks I removed mine while charging, but now I have only cost the battery, while “in the X4 to stop the execution of the thread and possibly break the case.

Braking device and fly off, you will notice immediately, both for the specialist, the X4 Hubsan really be as highly effective. Tiny, yes, but it’s not very weak. The X4 will be very helpful even in the typical way, you have to go a bit to have it flying on the output blocks used implies.


If you are new to the quadricopter, as curve out even more. Simply hold a chance, and to be used to fly. I hit more cases than I can count, and even had completely freefall 50 meters 1 time. The only damage I’ve had a couple of notches in the blade. As I mentioned earlier, it is a little hard quadricopter.

I actually like the low Hubsan X4 around, both indoors and outdoors. Indeed it is so nice that 8 minutes of flight time slip quickly for you. I could change when one of the factors for the Hubsan will be the battery life. 8 minutes, because it is the dimension can be long, but I really want to eventually develop in 30 minutes! But we see that it is not only possible at the moment. Probably sometime soon.

The Bottom Line

Although extremely simple, my strongest support for any beginner X4 Hubsan Quadcopter pilots and educated. The X4 is active, agile, annoying, economical and just plain fun to fly. The X4 Hubsan even created our range quadricopter accessible and more effective, especially for beginners.